Tiger Woman Coctails

We asked our friend Dick Bradsell, who just happens to be one of the top ten ‘Mixologists’ in the world, if he would create a unique cocktail to help promote the character of Betty May and the show.

Being aware of the times Betty May spent at The Café Royal with the Bohemian set, who were very much influenced by the French drink Absinthe at the time, it seemed only natural to use this as the base ingredient. Taking this as a start point Dick created the most wonderful – consumers words not ours – compliment we could have expected. Exclusively available only at his bar I’m sure you can see why our marketing tool proves very popular with our guests.

It just so happens that the manufacturers Pernod Absinthe, had previously created a cocktail called The Green Beast, of course a natural ‘fit’ with our show title and at our development shows where we tried a  Tiger Woman versus The Beast cocktail tasting, we are happy to report that the Tiger Woman won over the Beast each time.